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As a minority woman-owned business, we fully embrace the power that lies in our differences. Quite frankly, we think sameness is B-O-R-I-N-G. That’s why your copy will never sound like anyone else. It’s also why we don’t stand for racism, sexism, ableism, or any type of discrimination. Our clients, culture, and copy are wholly inclusive — if you aren’t on the same page, you can skedaddle over to another company that shares your values.

You will get nothing but the 100% transparent truth over here. We don’t have anything to hide! Full disclosure, you may hop on a Zoom call and find me with no makeup and a hoodie. Because that’s what I look like as a human being and I won’t apologize for it! We carry these values into our copywriting because we are firm believers that you don’t have to play pretend games to attract your ideal clients. They want you for you, so we’re here to make sure the real you comes through in your messaging.


“Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Mark Twain was onto something – and we’re here for it. Our team of creatives are fueled by language, so we get tons of joy from hand-selecting the very best words to use in your messaging. But that’s technically still work, right? Well, we’re also fueled by comedy roasts, hearty Malbecs, mountain hikes, comfort show GIFs (Parks and Rec, anyone?), and plenty of other dopamine-surging activities. Fun is where you find it.


Do you have some questions?

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I just need [insert single deliverable]. Do you offer a la carte copywriting?

Nope — and that’s for your benefit, tbh. While I’d love to accept your money for one-off projects here and there, such an approach to copywriting does a disservice to your brand messaging. When we take on a new client, we are all in. We are learning everything about your offerings, your ideal client, your go-to coffee order, your dog’s name, and everything in between. We are storytellers, so we need to know all the juicy details that turn your story into the epic tale that wins over your dream customers.

Plain and simple, we’re here to step in and build a consistent brand voice for your fans to recognize and think, “OMG, what do they have to say!?” A la carte services do not allow for that.

Who will I work with on your team?

Excellent question. While I do have a fabulous team of virtual assistants and copywriters, you will always get the pleasure of seeing my lovely face on the other side of the screen! I’m a people person through and through, and I would never let go of the opportunity to connect with ya one-on-one. (Plus, I wanna see your pets if you have one.)

For day-to-day stuff, you’ll likely hear from my lovely VA, Ariana, who keeps me in check and makes sure everything is in order. Trust me when I say that you will be as grateful for her as I am. (I’m a creative with ADHD, what can I say?) Ariana is here to answer questions and, if she can’t, she’ll pass them right along to me. 

But I don’t have a dog.

Sorry, you can’t sit here. Just kidding! While we love our four-legged friends, we totally get it if you’re like, “I’d rather not need a lint roller in every room and vehicle.” Just don’t be surprised if one of our kiddos pops in our Zoom meeting — I suspect our attention-loving senior cat waits in the wings all day just to make her appearances.

Does that mean you will be the one working on my copy?

Yes and no. Yes, in that everything starts and finishes with me. No, in that I might pull in my amazing copywriters to support me in the production of your content. But rest assured, I will always be the one creating the structure and direction for your work — and nothing ever leaves our Google Drive without passing through my desktop for quality assurance.



If you're feeling stuck in your marketing, look no further! We'll help you find clarity on your messaging strategy so you can DIY or delegate without sacrificing consistency.


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Need something turned around ASAP? Book a full or half VIP Day for your next project! Our time is dedicated solely to your needs to expedite production and delivery.

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Giving Back

We recognize that small businesses are built on communities, ours included. We invest a portion of our profits in non-profit organizations each month to support the causes we hold near and dear to our hearts. Here’s a look at who we’re supporting this year:

Meghan Ely, OFD Consulting

“The Lantern Room Creative team continues to exceed expectations when it comes to our content and publishing goals within the event industry. Over the years, we have worked together on hundreds of published opportunities. You won't find a more consistent and communicative team than Lantern Room Creative. They're quick to respond, adaptable to most requests and never miss a deadline. Our client renewal rate is at an all-time high and I have Lantern Room Creative to thank in part for that.”

"Our client renewal rate is at an all-time high."

Aleya Harris, Flourish Marketing

“Everything you touch in my business flourishes and sparkles - the words, the team members, the clients. The immense relief I get from knowing the authentic voices, experiences, and values of our customers are in good hands because Amanda will meticulously craft messaging that unearths their inner truth. I am constantly impressed by her skill as a writer but even more impressed by her willingness to invest her heart and soul into her craft.”

“Everything you touch in my business flourishes and sparkles"

Kelly Ann Peck, Emerson Reese Creative

"The only thing I love more than Amanda's way with words is the fact that I don't have to worry about writing my social media copy ever again. She has freed up my time and helped me to find my brand's authentic voice. It has been one of the best decisions I've ever made in my business to have her curate all of my content. She has helped me save so much time so I can focus on helping my clients and staying in my zone of genius."

"She has freed up my time and helped me to find my brand's authentic voice."