our favorite tools

Calling all our type-A, spreadsheet-loving, database-building, project-managing friends! Working with professionals across the creative spectrum, we’ve used it all: Asana, Trello, Basecamp, Monday, Todoist, you name it. ClickUp stands out as a shining example of what an operational homebase should look like: robust workflows, custom project details, automations, in-app docs, calendars, time-tracking…the list goes on. Give it a shot.



Don’t tell ClickUp or Google Sheets about this – but AirTable is our go-to platform for data collection and organization. With multiple views and what feels like endless automation possibilities, we have yet to find something on the market that rivals AirTable’s intuitive and user-friendly interface.


Tired of paying to add more subscribers or send more emails? Totes get it. Growth shouldn’t come with a price tag. That’s why we love Flodesk – not only is it super easy to create gorgeous email templates (#aestheticgoals), but you get unlimited everything for a flat monthly rate (and you’ll get 50% the first year if you sign up here!).


Raise your hand if email is the one thing you hate most about entrepreneurship. #same. While there’s no magic wand to poof your emails away, Spark is pretty much the closest thing available. Its super clean interface and smart categorization makes email management a breeze and it’s verifiably the only way we ever hit inbox zero. (Seriously, this isn’t even an affiliate link – we just love it so much, we think everyone should try it.)


You like my website? Aw, shucks – I’ll let my designer know. But if you’re looking for creative freedom, easy maintenance, and fun design, all without needing a snippet of code, Showit is the web builder for you. Use the link below to make the switch (or ask my designer to do it for you) and get one month free. (Need a copy refresh? Let’s chat.)


Whether you have a team of two or a team of 200, y’all gotta talk — and relying on email threads or comments on your project management software (hi, ClickUp) only sets you up for confusion. We love using Slack to connect on project work, share personal updates, and hang out at the virtual watercooler. Best of all? It’s free. (Not an affiliate – we just think it’s the best way to collaborate for remote teams.)

With a team full of creatives, we’re not shy about experimenting. We’ve tried countless digital tools, apps, and software — and we’ve ditched nearly as many. Here are the few that have surpassed the chopping block and have become everyday staples in our lives.


Ain’t nobody got time to post on social media every day…unless you pre-schedule it in advance. We’ve been using Later since it was Latergram.me (the golden days of social media marketing) and haven’t found a better program yet. With scheduling capabilities on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and TikTok, you get the whole works at the lowest cost we’ve found around. Sign up here and get an extra 10 posts for free.


Client care is our top priority — and if you’re reading this, it’s likely one of yours too. We use Honeybook to manage every stage of our client journey, from inquiries and proposals to contracts and invoices. It’s super easy to use and offers the best #aesthetic interface we’ve seen. Get 20% off your first year with this link!